Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Here it comes: another poster. We know we're probably the only ones who care or are following this right now, unless someone out there does and is reading this, in which case, hello, we hope you've been enjoying our posts and are surviving all this humidity and rain and that you didn't have your day thrown out of whack by the flooding on the DVP this morning, and that you'll perhaps consider sending us a sign that you here with us, maybe a loud cheer or a smoke signal or I don't know a comment or something.

This next one's our first poster offspring. It says WE BELIEVE IN ENTHUSIASM because, wouldn't you know, we do indeed believe in enthusiasm. Here is an example of the kind of gusto we approve of:

Y'all don't know nothin bout excitement.

We think this is very nice. Now you may see our poster:

Keep your eyes peeled for them, and get collecting! Don't forget that if you find them all you win everything! Haven't you always wanted an everything!?

Footnote to nothing:

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