Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We have one last event poster to post. Sad fact about our marketing skills/postering tactics? They are (thus far) rather poor. But we have learned some lessons. Public message boards? Maybe not the best place to advertise a reading series. Unless someone out there (You? No? You?!) saw a poster on the street and were sincerely persuaded that Ruckus Readings was the gig for you, in which case, your interest may convince us to reconsider this conclusion. Mostly it seems like they just disappeared too quickly and too far before the event. Too bad. It feels kind of like we decided to leave our children with a busy-handed babysitter who eats all your cheese and snack crackers and then tops it all off by stealing a few cans of your non-perishable canned goods. Sorry posters. We didn't mean to let you down.

Failures aside, we are totally stoked that our first event is creeping up on us like an innocuous spider in a party hat. We hope you've all had a chance to check out the interviews our readers have been generous enough to provide us all to satiate our curiosities.

If you haven't had a chance to check out these out, here, for you (and anyone else who forgets), is our official list of readers (in alphabetical order according to last name (we have no favorites (yet...))):
We hope the multi-syllabic thunder of these authors designated denominating terms of reference get you as antsy for Saturday to arrive as we are. Learn them like chants. If you're into chanting, that is. They are names you'll want to keep in mind if you nurture a taste for great things. (And who doesn't like great things?!) Especially this coming Saturday when they'll be with us at The Only Cafe to rock your world. Word by word. Sound absurd? No sir. You'll concur. They won't slur. Just cause a stir. We're sure. ... And we'll stop now.

Alright here's the poster. Actually posters. Surprise! There are two left. Which is perhaps learned-lesson number two: keep better track of things.


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