Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We've officially put up all of our posters about town. In doing so, we have also discovered that public message boards are a strange species. You can find our designs amongst various ads for weight loss, weight loss, weight loss via deep freeze, hey-guys!-guys!-come-to-our-totally-awesome-club event posters, dubious calls for 'HOT' male models,' more ads for weight loss, and occasionally, side by side with a notice or two about another interesting show or event (sorry, club enthusiasts).

(Sidenote: We did learn that Steamwhistle has a find-the-gold-dipped-bottle-opener! contest going on with their 12-packs, but we're not sure whether or not it grants you entrance into a magical factory through which an enchanted beer river flows   if you find one, please let us know. Steamwhistle is a pretty cool Toronto gig. We have been on a tour of their brewery —  some of us more than once. We recommend it. They bestow upon you knowledge and beer for a very reasonable fee. They also produce comics.)

(Another sidenote: Actually we also found out there's an African Film and Music Festival happening in a couple weeks. They're even offering drumming workshops. Toronto is a cool place.)

But back to Ruckus business. If you do see our posters around, maybe say hello or give them a sporting high five. They have enjoyed a life of relative privilege to this point and are probably feeling very abandoned and confused about the new and probably significantly less friendly company we assume they now keep. Alternatively, you could stop and tear away one of their legs. Don't worry, they like it.

Anyway, we now present you another two, that's right, two posters. Because it's Wednesday. And we're impatient and it's hard to leave a sucking candy in your mouth right until the end when it gradually, actually, finally dissolves without breaking down first and just chomping on it. And also because we're adults and we can do what we please.

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