Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aftermath Sessions: Vol. 3

We Survived. (And, as far as we know, so did everyone else.)

Like the series finale of The Sopranos, it is suddenly over. Ruckus Readings Volume III: Don't Ruck it Up Now was more exciting than a Micheal Bay movie (and a good one, too, I'm not even going to waste time comparing it to a lump of stainless steel turd like Transformers 2), and had more heart than the first Kelly Clarkson album.

It was magical.

For those of you out there who missed it: I'm so sorry that your grandmother passed away/your airplane crashed into the side of a mountain in eastern Europe/you were suckered into a Lord of the Rings trilogy extended edition marathon. Because otherwise, I mean, I can't think of why you would have been anywhere else.

M.K. Morris woke up the neighbours with her ingeniously interactive rendition of "Steven Myerschmidt Bites the Big One;" Christine Bernier rocked her way through the night with covers of artists like Sleeping with Sirens, Britney Spears, and George Watsky (yep, that George Watsky); we saw cameo appearances from not one, but two Ruckus Alumni (Nicholas Daniel Michelis and Daniel Scott Tysdal, for those of you stamping your bingo cards); and Nicole Chardenet raised the rating to at least PG-13 with her plastic-boobed take on a portion of her newest novel, Sumer Lovin'. (And you know what? I'm not even going to explain how that one happened - that's your punishment for missing the reading.)

Now is the time to mourn your bad life choices, friends. Now is the time to weep over having lain down with Netflix and Skittles rather than trotting down to The Only to see the show. Luckily, however, redemption is close at hand.

Our next reading will be taking place SEPTEMBER 29th, at 7 PM, located in the one and ONLY CAFE (972 Danforth - but you knew that by now.) Slowly, with pieces of stale bread and pages of Donald Barthelme, we are luring our next cast of readers and performers out of the woods and into our den of vice and lunacy quite pleasant company.

Keep your radio dials locked!

... To "off," where they've probably been for the past few decades, and keep checking your browser of choice for further announcements on both RUCKUS READINGS VOLUME IV (tentative title: "A Fource to be Ruckoned with"), and on a few big projects we have coming down the pipes/tubes/playplace slides...

You won't want to miss 'em.

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